Team members

The beautiful world of teams

The world is beautiful when you are alone.You can do whatever you want, but isn’t the world even more beautiful as a team? We at switchover love developer teams so much that teams are absolutely welcome within switchover. Therefore we have implemented a role model which helps you to give your team members the tasks they have to do.

As you can see I have no team members at the moment. But we in good old Bavaria, we have many friends. For example Max, Sepp and Franz. These I will now invite to switchover. All we need is the email addresses of our team members and an idea of the role they should play in our organization.

After clicking on „invite“ switchover sends an email to the appropriate address and assigns the user to the organization. In the menu item „Invites“ you can see the currently open invitations.



As owner you are the king, the absolute leader, nobody is fooling you. You own all rights that are available at switchover.

Billing Manager

As a Billing Manager you can manage the financial side of your organization. You take care that the right plan for your team is selected and booked. You can also change plans and have read access to all projects, environments and toggles.


As an admin you are able to edit an organization and manage the projects, environments and toggles it contains. This includes not only the creation but also the deletion of the objects. So as an owner, think carefully about who you want to give admin rights to.


As a developer you are the one who has to do all the work. Nothing works without you, so you are allowed to let off steam in the Environment and Toggle world. Create environments and toggles as you like, delete them, activate and deactivate them as you like.


As a reader you are able to observe the events at switchover from a distance. See how the teams work and how which toggle is configured. You are not allowed to edit anything, but hey – somebody has to manage the team, right?