Switchover supports user targeting based on freely definable key/value pairs. This allows simple as well as more complex conditions to be defined and functions in the client to be controlled. Any number of conditions can be attached to a feature flag.

Conditions are always checked against a specific key on the client side. Keys can only be assigned once per Feature Toggle. With the exception of rollout functions, there is no specification of which keys are to be used on the client side.

Configuration Types

equal touse it if you want to check for a valid string or number like is a „userID equal to 10“
greater thanuse it for numeric values like „number is greater than 10“
greater than equalsame as greater than, but the given value will also return true if it matches
in setyou will configure array values on switchover and can check if a client side value will be in the array
not in setcheck if a value in your client is not in a give array

less than
use it for numeric values like „number is less than 10“
less than equal same es less than, but given value will also return true if matches

use it fi you want to check for a valid substring or number like has a user a „email matches“

Condition Strategy:

If you use more than one condition in a toggle, it is mandatory that you define which Condition Strategy your client sdk should use to validate the responses. Switchover supports 3 strategies at the moment:

At least oneif you have more than one condition configured, at minimum one must match to return true

more than 50% must match to return true
AllAll conditions must match to return true


You want to show this feature only to people whose email belongs to a certain domain:

Of course we also support Regex, so a match to more than one Domain would also be possible: