At switchover we divide organizations into projects and environments. By default an organization is always assigned one project and two environments. In the „free“ plan, the selection is limited to additional projects and environments.

Why multiple projects

Miyagi: „Remember lesson about balance? :
Daniel san: „Yes…“ Mr. Miyagi:
Miyagi: „Lesson not only about karate, lesson about life. Whole life…

Of course Switchover works great with only one project and only one environment. But as soon as your teams don’t have only one customer project or want to split it into different services, you can divide your toggles into different projects. That way you create the necessary balance to always have an optimal overview. After all, you don’t write your software in a single class, do you?

When it’s worth dividing your structure into different projects depends on your needs and your software structure. If you are unsure, just contact us – we will try to find a solution together with you. If you are sure, then follow the further instructions.

From the professional level on, additional projects and environments can be created. To create a new project, the page must be opened via Settings -> Projects -> Create Project.

To create a new project you need a name, I used the boring name „second project“ in my example – you will think of something better.

Finally switchover creates two environments within this project as described above. To jump between the default project and the new created one there is the project switcher on the left side of the menu above.

Important to know. The actively selected project cannot be deleted while you have selected it. This also applies to the automatically created default project. To delete a project that is no longer needed, you have to select another project with the Switcher and then simply delete the project with the red X button. Of course the environments and the toggles belonging to the project are then lost forever. So think about your actions!