Why the hell I need Environments

Below the projects you will find environments. We developers at Switchover have a sad and long history in the world of enterprise software development. There it was and is important to test the software on different stages before handing it over to the customer. Of course this approach still makes sense in very complex projects – especially when it comes to integration.

Therefore, any number of environments can be mapped to the projects – whereas in the „free“ plan the number is limited to two. Starting with the Professional Plan, additional environments can be added.

It is important that the toggles themselves are mirrored to the existing environments when they are created. This means that a toggle does not have to be staged from a test to a live environment but „only“ switched on or off. By default new toggles are switched off, so that the creation of new toggles is no problem during operation.

New environments are created via Settings->Projects -> Create Environment and then appear in the menu below the dashboard.